Regenerys is focused on regenerative medicine

Regenerys is a regenerative medicine company working in adipose tissue for breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery, and in skin regeneration technology.

Regenerys is focused on development and sales of products in 3 streams requiring bioprocessing and biostorage:

Active treatment for burns or chronic wounds
Cryo-preservation of adipose tissue


HTA and MHRA certified lab services


Reconstruction and regeneration of skin following serious burns and potentially accelerated treatment of chronic wounds using either the patient’s own skin cells or those derived from a Master Cell Bank of keratinocytes owned by Regenerys.
Breast reconstruction using a patient’s own adipose tissue and other cosmetic applications are substantially enhanced with the services of an adipose tissue bank
We offer third party bio-processing and bio-storage through our HTA and MHRA certified labs for a range of types and applications

Regenerys is based in Cambridge with laboratories in Sheffield. We have early stage revenues from our MySkin autologous product for treatment of serious burns and our lab bio-service business. Revenues from the adipose business and other keratinocyte products are under development. Regenerys’ products and services are provided to NHS and private healthcare providers, in the UK and Europe.